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This is the first coffee review I’ve ever written, and although that’s one of the chief aims of this blog it seems fitting to ease in with a bit of a mini review…

I first heard about Manumit Coffee a couple of months ago on Twitter and it immediately caught my attention. Manumit are a new coffee roaster based in Cardiff, but they have a bit of a different aim behind their roasting than many small roasters. All of their roasters are rebuilding their lives having been released from modern slavery, they’re being expertly trained as both roasters and baristas which gives them a means of income and purpose in their lives. In the next few weeks I’ll be ordering a bag of their beans, not just to taste the coffee but to support this vital work. I urge you to check them out.

I’ve made a shockingly bad calculation and ended up with no coffee beans for my morning brew. This morning I finished a bag of Rwandan beans from my local Coffee House, but my Cloud Coffee subscription isn’t set to ship until Monday. The question is, can I wait until it arrives or do I need to buy some interim beans?

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